TrackThis: Modern Package Tracking

Simple API

If you're working on a simple widget or tool the simple API is the easiest way to add a package. Redirect the user to this URL with the appropriate values:

If the user is logged in it will automatically add the package. If not, they will be prompted to log in and the package will be added after the login is complete.

Full API

Note: This API is for interacting with TrackThis and does not provide methods for retrieving package statuses directly from a carrier.

If you're interseted in building an application based on TrackThis, register your application


Authentication for the API is handled through OAuth

Request token:


Access token:

List Packages

Add Package

Edit Packages

Delete Package

Package Carriers

Use carrier code in API calls for pkgCarrier, use carrier name when displaying to user. Carrier code 'auto' will try to auto detect the carrier when adding/editing and will save the true carrier code for the future. When listing packages if 'auto' is returned, the auto-detect failed and we are guessing on what the carrier is. Ideally the user would set the proper carrier.

Carrier NameCarrier Code
Unknown Carrierauto
Fedex Smartpostfedexsp
Canada Postcanadapost
DHL Global Maildhlgm
DHL UKdhluk
UK City Linkukcl
UPS Mail Innovationsupsmi

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