TrackThis: Modern Package Tracking

Get Started on Twitter

1. Go to and click the Follow button

Since TrackThis uses direct messages, you must follow it so it can send direct messages to you. TrackThis will follow you back immediately so that you can send direct messages to it.

2. Send a Direct Message to TrackThis like: 123456789123 New PC

Click here to send your message, with the FedEx/UPS/USPS/DHL tracking code first, followed by a nickname for the package (Example: 123456789123 Macbook Air); or fill out this form:

3. Sit Back and Wait!

We'll send you a direct message each time your package changes location. You should receive the first message within twenty minutes.

Common Error messages

"Sorry but I couldn't understand your tracking code."

Firstly, verify that the request was sent in the form of "<Tracking Code> <Nickname>" (without the brackets). The tracking code must be the first word of the message. Also, make sure the code has no spaces or dashes in it.

"Sorry but I couldn't find updates for your tracking code."

Verify that the tracking code you provided was copied correctly. If this is not the case, your code might not be active yet.

Still have questions? Contact Us or post your feedback